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Take advantage of one of two unique workshops, led by the industry’s leaders in sales and social media. Ford Saeks will teach you the Secrets of Sales Success, while Heather Lutze will show you The Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media and Mobile Marketing. Learn more below.

Social Media Boot Camp
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Heather Lutze, founder of Findability University, is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant who literally wrote the book (two of them, actually) on search engine marketing: Findability Formula: The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to Search Engine Marketing and Thumbonomics: The Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media & Mobile Marketing. She has demystified Internet marketing for countless business owners, she’s a member of the National Speaker’s Association, a Vistage International Speaker, and has shared the stage with Tony Robbins Business Mastery in Fiji and London. She’s also been on Oprah, and will happily tell you all about it if you ask.

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The Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media and Mobile Marketing
Wednesday, March 16 •  2pm-4pm

Adapt or die: Which do you choose for your company? The latest studies show that 65% or more of adult Internet users frequent social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This means you need to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to build your powerful brand and broaden your market share – starting now.

Engaging in social media is a necessity for any businessperson, whether your job title is CEO or sales rep, as everyone on the team needs to attract customers and drive sales. In this dynamic and high-energy session, acclaimed social media expert Heather Lutze will show you the results you can achieve from social media marketing, as well as the practical and easily implementable steps you can take today – like setting up your Twitter, Facebook and other site profiles correctly, and using the right keywords for your business.

You’ll hear case studies from real companies and businesspeople who have been successful with social media, including Zappos’ Tony Hseih and Food Network celeb chef Keegan Gerhard, gain a greater understanding (and some genuine excitement) of how to leverage social media for online findability, and discover how to:

  • Get new customers from social media engagement. Discover the strategies,tips and tricks to maximize the time you spend on social media and see real ROI.

  • Utilize mobile marketing strategies, like QR codes and’s customers are searching the Web on their smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices,and you can use this fact to your business advantage.

PLUS: Don’t miss the fast-paced bonus lesson on the best promotional products to pitch to tech-savvy clients.