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Catalog & Product Resource Table
Have your catalog or product available for all Roadshow attendees on the Catalog & Product Resource Table located at the front of the show floor.

Catalog Resource:
$275 per 4-day week

$200 per 3-day week

Product Resource:
$400 per 4-day week

$300 per 3-day week

***IMPORTANT*** All Catalog & Product Resource Table Suppliers are responsible for shipping catalogs & products directly to show site twice within selected week. Confirmations and specific shipping requirements will be sent within 30 days of selected week.

Web Banner Advertising
By promoting your company, show special and booth in a banner advertisement featured on the ASI Roadshow website, you are sure to increase your table traffic. With thousands of hits daily, your ad will be seen by Roadshow attendees before the show even begins.

550 x 90 pixel Master ad – $599 (6 ads available per month)
Video ad – $599 (3 ads available per month)
Pre-Show Email
A Pre-Show Email is a great way to invite distributors to visit you in a particular region. It's easy! Simply send us your promotional message (in an HTML or text format) and we will deliver your email to distributors in each particular Roadshow region.

$200 per 4-day week
$175 per 3-day week
Food and Beverage Sponsorship
$500 per week


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