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Wednesday, July 25 • 8:30 a.m.-9:45 a.m. – Ticket Required

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Join Chris Gomez – executive consultant with Afterburner, a global group of elite military professionals – as he reveals the secrets of Flawless Execution, while enjoying a hot breakfast with other distributors.

  You’ll learn how to reach mission-oriented goals, overcome threats, maintain flexibility and be in full fighter form every day.

Addressing complexity and change. Being innovative. Achieving operational excellence. Retaining top talent. Are these some of the challenges you and your business face every day? In this keynote, Gomez will introduce you to a simple, holistic set of tools and techniques you can apply to address these issues.

Through breathtaking cockpit video footage, stunning graphics and Gomez’s corporate and military insight, you’ll discover:

  • The simple, scalable process elite military teams and Fortune 50 clients leverage to survive, thrive and dominate, while their competitors fall short
  • How to scope the environment, drown out the noise, align strategy to execution, and demonstrate a Bias to Action – the secret to winning in today’s business environment
  • And more.
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Ticket includes a hot breakfast and the motivational keynote. $10 tickets are available through April 3, 2018. Prices increase to $20 each from April 4 – June 26, 2018, then increase to $30 each from June 27, 2018 up until the day of the event.

Chris Gomez, MBA, is a decorated former U.S. Navy SEAL and executive consultant for Afterburner. He spent 12 years serving as a medic and SEAL Instructor, and while serving as a Navy Supply Corps Officer he grew his leadership talent further and served as a Business Financial Manager and Government Acquisition professional. Afterburner, founded by U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Jim “Murph” Murphy in 1996, trains organizations around the world in the simple, scalable improvement processes of Flawless Execution. Encompassing three management solutions – Empower, Equip, and Embed – Afterburner and its team of fighter pilots and elite professionals bring unparalleled military precision to top corporations around the world.


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