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fASIlitate is an exclusive four-day hosted-buyer event for distributors who sell $1 million or more of promotional products each year. The unique format is designed to foster new relationships with high-level professionals using a combination of private, one-on-one meetings with four- and five-star suppliers and informal networking.

Distributors are eligible to attend once every two years at zero cost. fASIlitate will cover coach round-trip airfares, all accommodations, meals and drinks for the duration of the event.

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2024 Events

Don't miss out on the most elite event from ASI Show®.

fASIlitate Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach, FL
April 15-18, 2024
Daytona Grande Oceanfront Resort
fASIlitate New Orleans
New Orleans, LA
May 6-9, 2024
The Windsor Court
fASIlitate Santa Monica
Santa Monica, CA
June 10-13, 2024
Hilton Santa Monica Hotel
fASIlitate Denver
Denver, CO
September 9-12, 2024
The Ritz-Carlton

fASIlitate Format

During a four-day schedule, we set private 20-minute meetings between participating distributors and suppliers, with time throughout the day and evening to check in with your business or catch up on emails and calls. Plus, networking events and group meals give you extra time to continue conversations and make even stronger connections.

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Participating Suppliers

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Frequently Asked Questions


Distributor attendees get one-on-one supplier consultations tailored to your business and priorities, providing a powerful opportunity to build personal relationships with top-tier companies. We take care of every detail, right down to shipping your personalized supplier samples back to your office for free.

These exclusive events are invite-only. Qualifying ASI members are treated to an all-expenses-paid experience with concierge-level service at four- or five-star suite hotels. Attendees tell us hosted-buyer events are priceless - and well worth the investment in time.

Meetings are all about YOU! Suppliers come prepared to address YOUR exact needs to create a personalized working relationship that benefits both parties for years to come.

Here's a glimpse at what can be accomplished during these meetings:

  • Source new products and decorating techniques, with market-specific ideas applicable to YOUR business.
  • Negotiate terms and EQP price levels that work for YOU.
  • Establish a dedicated contact who'll become an extension of YOUR team.
  • Set realistic response and ship time deliverables based on YOUR timetable.
  • Quote current projects and source inventory to get YOUR business done!

These private, 20-minute meetings are scheduled over two and half days with up to 40 supplier companies. Suppliers come prepared to discuss your specific business needs and current projects, ready to collaborate with you on how best to work together. Customized samples are often provided, which we'll ship back to your office hassle-free. Regular breaks are scheduled throughout the day to allow you to return calls, check your email or grab a snack and beverage at our hospitality suites.

Come for the samples and inspiration - stay for the long-term contacts you'll make and the new business these meetings will drive!

We hold four fASIlitate events each year, with each of these intimate events boasting a schedule of private meetings and robust networking that encourages strong relationship building between all 40 suppliers and distributors in attendance. This highly focused and concentrated time spent together fosters strategic and profitable partnerships that last for years.

Our annual ConneX event has a similar format but hosts up to 80 suppliers, allowing access to a larger pool of products and resources. A schedule of 38 private, 20-minute meetings will be generated for each distributor attendee with suppliers that have been matched as solutions to their specific business needs through ASI's proprietary matchmaking platform. The remainder of the schedule is open for more individualized networking, allowing attendees to choose which additional suppliers they'd like to meet.

Additionally, each event has a different barrier to entry. fASIlitate is for distributors with $1 million in annual sales (no print); Connex requires $500K in annual sales.


Day 1: Registration is open from 12 - 5pm, which is when you'll meet your new best friends for the next three days: the ASI staff! Collect your binder of printed supplier profiles and meeting schedule, ask questions and learn any last-minute onsite information you'll need to know. Later in the evening, join us at the Welcome Reception for heavy appetizers and drinks to kick off what will prove to be the most productive three days for your business.

Days 2 & 3: Begin your day with breakfast and light conversation, then it's time to start your private meetings, with scheduled breaks, until we pause for lunch. Head off to your afternoon meetings fueled and rejuvenated, then enjoy a few hours of R&R before we meet back up for dinner, either onsite in a lovely setting or at a popular local restaurant.

Day 4: Attend breakfast before your final round of 20-minute meetings for some last-minute networking. The last meeting concludes later in the morning, which allows time to pack and pick up your reimbursement check prior to hotel check out. Ship all the amazing samples and collateral you collected back home on us!

We know how precious your time is and that every minute of your day counts. That's why we've optimized the schedule to be as productive as possible. Through extensive research, we found that 20 minutes is the sweet spot for a private meeting, and no more than 40 meetings was the right number, after first factoring in essential networking events and R&R time. We landed on a 3.5-day schedule that does it all!

After all, where else could you meet privately with this many of the industry's best suppliers, all in one beautiful location, over less than 4 days and at no cost to you? Head home with lucrative partnerships in place, in addition to getting business done.

Absolutely! We recognize that while it's great to have focused meetings with suppliers onsite, you need to keep your business moving back home. We've built in three 20-minute breaks throughout the day so you can have some touchpoints with co-workers and share new products with clients.

Cost, Travel & Dress

ASI covers your travel (up to $500 flight reimbursement/$100 in mileage if driving), transit to and from the airport, hotel and meals! We take care of everything, including setting up your transfers.

If your flight is outside the allotted $500 amount, please contact fasitravel@asicentral.com for assistance.

A check made out to you will be available for pick up after your final meeting on the last day of the event. If you do not receive your travel reimbursement onsite, you can expect it within 10-12 business days.

Business casual (including offsite meals).

Qualifying & Registering

The first step is to become an ASI distributor member if you're not already. We require attendees to have at least one year of industry experience.

Here's the pre-qualification form - it takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Your fASIlitate Contact Concierge will follow up to confirm your status and complete onboarding materials.

As a reminder, fASIlitate events are for distributors with $1M in annual sales (no print); Connex requires $500k in annual sales.

You'll receive a binder upon arrival that includes your meeting schedule and logistics. Each supplier has prepared a presentation specially for you - so we ask that you attend every meeting assigned. There's also plenty of time to relax and have fun during our social gatherings! These events are held in beautiful locations, and we want you to experience your surroundings while you're in town.

Yes, you're welcome to bring along a co-traveler. However, keep in mind that the supplier meetings, meals, networking events and airfare reimbursements are only for the qualified distributor attendees. We encourage you to extend your stay before or after the event to enjoy the city with your co-traveler. We contract discounted hotel rates three days pre/post event to allow for extended trips and to make the most of your time. Contact us for more information.

These meetings require extensive and careful planning to ensure the best possible experience for all attendees. Cancellations create a scheduling challenge for us, so we ask that any cancellation notice is accompanied by an adequate replacement for the confirmed attendee from the same company.

We understand that emergencies may arise, but if this requirement cannot be met within two weeks of the event, a cancellation fee will be enforced.

To serve the widest variety of distributors, attendance is limited to once every two years for fASIlitate events, and once every 18 months for ConneX.


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