This executive-level, invitation-only hosted buyer event from ASI® is designed to foster high-level distributor and supplier relationships while creating lucrative business opportunities.

The format features private, preset meetings between top-level decision makers from respected distributor companies and highly sought-after suppliers. Each 20-minute meeting takes place in the privacy of the supplier's suite, guaranteeing uninterrupted, productive discussions. Distributors and suppliers must meet high qualifications and requirements before they are formally invited.

As the premier hosted buyer event within the ad specialty industry, fASIlitate has successfully created a model balancing one-on-one presentations with fruitful networking opportunities.

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2022 Events

Don't miss out on the most elite event from ASI Show®.

Scottsdale, AZ
September 19-22, 2022
Scottsdale Marriott at McDowell Mountains

Frequently Asked Questions


fASIlitate is an invitation-only event. Distributors must be million-dollar producers. With a limited number of spots, you must be pre-qualified and can only attend every two years.

During a three-day schedule, we preset private 20-minute meetings between distributors and highly sought-after suppliers, with time throughout the day and evening to check in with the office or catch up on important business calls.

There is no cost for an invited distributor. Coach round-trip airfares, accommodations and meals for invited million-dollar sales producers are covered by fASIlitate for the duration of the event.

Our unique event format, flexible scheduling, above-average accommodations, outstanding meal service and overall good vibe that attendees tell us sets us apart from similar industry events.

fASIlitate is an invitation-only event. Distributors must meet specific qualifications before they are formally invited. Please contact Camille Figueroa, Distributor Key Account Sales, for more information.

Email: cfigueroa@asicentral.com
Phone: (215) 953-3926


Participants must be ASI members in good standing, well established and have a 4- or 5-star rating.

First right of refusal will be offered to suppliers who can renew their participation from the current year to the next year. (For example, a supplier who participated in two events in 2020 will be able to renew participation for two 2021 events). Suppliers will have two weeks to exercise their first right of refusal. Suppliers must secure their participation with a signed contract and deposit.

Suppliers who fail to secure their participation by the first-right-of-refusal deadline will have their spot(s) open up to those suppliers currently on the waitlist. Waitlist period will last for two weeks. Waitlist clients are defined as those clients who have a category-exclusive product that was filled in 2019, which has since become available in 2020. Suppliers can secure their participation in 2021 with a signed contract and deposit.

Early-bird-rate period will be available to all qualified suppliers after first-right-of-refusal and waitlist period have been completed. Also during the early-bird-rate period, clients who secured their participation in the first-right-of-refusal period can add on fASIlitate locations should they be available. A new SRA will need to be completed to include the new locations. Suppliers will secure their participation with a signed contract and deposit. The early-bird-rate period will last for two weeks.

At the conclusion of the early-bird-rate period, any supplier’s participation in the next year's fASIlitate will be at the full rate. Supplier’s participation will be secured with a signed contract and deposit.

The participation of suppliers and their product line(s) is up to management approval. Show management does not promise exclusivity nor exclusion of companies viewed as competitors by other companies.

Multi-line product suppliers who include the same product as another supplier will be reviewed by show management for approval. We accept that with multi-product suppliers in the industry, there will be product overlap. We will use ESP® categories and ASI Show Event Priority Points as a guide for determining competitive overlap and participation decision making. The ultimate goal is for each event to include a maximum variety of suppliers and products for the participating distributors.

A waitlist is maintained for suppliers with an exclusive product should the first-right supplier opt out of an event.

Please contact your account manager for more information.
Email: showsales@email.asishow.com
Phone: (800) 546-3300

For the benefit of participating distributors, ASI Show works to present a variety of companies and products, and we seek to have as little overlap as reasonably possible. The decision of who participates is 100% at the discretion of show management and there are no promises to any supplier about not allowing competitors to participate at fASIlitate. When considering participation, show management will consider suppliers' product categories, dates applications are received and ASI Show Priority Points – accumulated based on spending across the entire ASI Show portfolio.

Please contact Meghan DeFrancesco, Executive Director of Supplier Sales, for more information.

Email: mdefrancesco@asicentral.com
Phone: (215) 953-3757



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