Supplier Qualifications for fASIlitate participation

Participants must be an ASI member in good standing, well established and have a 4 or 5 star rating.

First right of refusal will be offered to suppliers who can renew their participation from 2020 in 2021. (For example, a supplier who participated in 2 events in 2020 will be able to renew participation for 2 2021 events). Suppliers will have 2 weeks to exercise their first right of refusal. Suppliers must secure their participation with a signed contract and deposit.

Suppliers who fail to secure their participation by the first right of refusal deadline will have their spot(s) open up to those suppliers currently on the wait list. Waitlist period will last for 2 week.  Waitlist clients are defined as those clients who have a category exclusive product that was filled in 2020, which has since become available in 2021. Suppliers can secure their participation in 2021 with a signed contract and deposit.

Early bird rate period will be available to all qualified suppliers after first right of refusal and waitlist period have been completed.   Also during the early bird rate period, clients who secured their participation in the first right of refusal period can add on fASilitate locations should they be available.  A new SRA will need to be completed to include the new locations.  Suppliers will secure their participation with a signed contract and deposit. The Early bird rate period will last for two weeks.

At the conclusion of the early bird rate period, any supplier’s participation in fASiliate 2021 will be at the full rate.  Supplier’s participation will be secured with a signed contract and deposit.

Suppliers and their product line(s) participation is up to management approval.  Show management does not promise exclusivity nor exclusion of companies viewed as competitors by other companies.

Multi-line product suppliers who include the same product as another supplier will be reviewed by show management for approval.  We accept that with multi-product suppliers in the industry, there will be product overlap. We will use ESP categories and ASI Show Event priority points as a guide for determining competitive overlap and participation decision making.  The ultimate goal is for each event to include a maximum variety of suppliers and products for the participating distributors.

A waitlist is maintained for suppliers with an exclusive product should the first right supplier opt out of an event.

Please contact your account manager for more information.
Phone: 800-546-3300



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