Supplier Qualifications for fASIlitate participation

How can my company participate in fASIlitate?

Suppliers wishing to participate must be an ASI member in good standing, reputable, well established and have a 4 or 5 star rating.

Will my competitors be attending or will there be other suppliers offering the same products?
ASI works to present a variety of companies, products and options for the distributors who attend each event. We offer first right of refusal. With regards to products, if a company only sells one product (a single product supplier), we will not permit another single product supplier of the same product to be part of the same fASIlitate. If another supplier has a product mix (a multi-product supplier) and sells a variety of products including the same product as the single product supplier, they will be reviewed by show management for approval. A waitlist is maintained for suppliers with an exclusive product should the first right supplier opt out of an event. We accept that with multi-product suppliers in the industry, there will be product overlap and distributors are aware of this.

How is the waitlist managed?
As mentioned above, we offer first right of refusal. A supplier is offered first right for the number of events they participated in the prior year. Once all the suppliers have chosen their events by the deadline, the first supplier on the waitlist will have the opportunity to attend the remaining events and will need to make a decision within 48 hours from their ASI Show sales representative. Depending on how many suppliers are waitlisted, this process will continue for a very limited time. When a waitlisted supplier is offered available opportunities, they will be removed from the waitlist even if they decline the available opportunities. Once all the waitlisted suppliers have been offered available opportunities, any open slots are then made available to qualifying suppliers.

Who do I contact if I am a supplier wanting to participate?
Please contact your account manager for more information.
Phone: 800-546-3300



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