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  Lead-Generation Made Simple: Grow Your Customer Base in 21 Days
Many advertising specialty distributors struggle through grueling, repetitive cycles of cold calls and rejection just to bring on a single new client. They spend weeks or even months pursuing an appointment with a particular prospect only to find out the person isn’t even qualified to buy. If you’re ready to trade in the anxiety and frustration of the “standard approach” for a tested, proven process for bringing new customers through the door like clockwork, then this session is for you. Discover the simple steps you need to take to turn the tables on rejection and begin getting new customers within 21 days.
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3 p.m.
  Create a Financial Plan to Accelerate Growth
The fear of money, and misunderstanding business numbers, often holds businesses back from achieving their full potential. According to the Small Business Administration, one-third of new businesses fail within two years, and 56% within the first four years; the primary inadequacy cited is lack of financial knowledge.

Real growth occurs when time is spent focusing on the long-term planning of a business, and the numbers are a key component to planning and achieving maximum growth. In this presentation you’ll learn strategies to overcome financial fear, how to understand the value numbers provide, and the importance of developing an action plan to ensure the highest level of performance within your business. You’ll leave with:

  • Clear steps to understanding the complete financial picture of your business
  • The knowledge to assess and utilize key financial metrics as tools to expose business strengths and weaknesses
  • The secrets to overcome that nagging fear of money that impedes the flow of money into our businesses
  • Tips on creating an action-based financial plan to drive your sales numbers, profit margins and income.
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5 p.m.
  5 Top Tips for Better Time Management
Whether you’re a sales rep or a business owner, time is your most valuable resource that you can use to drive sales and grow revenues. And the amount of time that any of us have to focus on productive activities is limited -- making it critical to manage your time effectively in order to maximize potential and results. In this fast-paced session, you’ll discover the top five time-management techniques to help structure your time, organize your tasks and allow you to accomplish as much as possible during your busy day.
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