ASI Show Fort Worth Education Tracks
Beginner Sales Success  
10:00 a.m.-
10:50 a.m.
  Time Is Money: Maximize Your Dollars Per Minute
Most people spend their workday reacting to demands for their time and attention, yet many campaigns and deadlines require being proactive. It’s vital to structure your time and your priorities to effectively manage all of your responsibilities. In this session we’ll discuss:
  • Breakdowns around interruptions
  • Communication failures and boundaries
  • Ways to optimize time and relationships
  • Proven tactics for responding to requests and demands
  • A visual representation of exactly where you’re spending your time
  • Tools to determine where you’re getting ROI and where you’re getting depleted
  • A tool that increases productivity and leads to higher dollars per minute.
About Carolyn Strauss

11:00 a.m.-
11:50 a.m.
  Storytelling: Share Your Story, Convince Clients, Convert Leads
Every business has a story to tell, but shaping and sharing yours in a way that moves your audience and leads to sales is one of the easiest – and one of the most difficult – communication disciplines to learn. In this session, you’ll explore storytelling techniques developed by fiction and movie-making masters, and leave knowing how to:
  • Use the power of the narrative wheel within the customer’s journey
  • Make a subtle shift in perspective to help share stories with customers and prospects
  • Employ emotion and empathy as powerful sales triggers
  • Finally answer the troubling question we all struggle with: “Who are you and what do you do?”
About Bobby Lehew

12:50 p.m.
  Put Your Passion to Work: Hone Your Sales Strategy & Grow Your Base
In this session you’ll get a glimpse into niche marketing and discover how you can find success by tailoring your sales strategy for people just like you. Rather than targeting the masses, you’ll learn how to seek out groups of people who share your passions. You’re already the expert at what you do, and there’s a niche out there for you to sell to that will get you excited to go to work in the morning.
About Brett Bowden

2:10 p.m.-
3:00 p.m.
  How to Make 50%+ Profit on Every Order
Looking to boost your bottom line? The secret is really no secret at all: Offering your clients a combination of value, creativity and innovation will drive the success of your business. In this can’t-miss session, you’ll hear exciting case histories and proven techniques you can implement right away to maximize your profitability.
About Cliff Quicksell

3:10 p.m.-
5:00 p.m.
  Overcome Client Objections: Effective Techniques to Win the Sale
Being proactive vs. reactive is an essential focus in successfully managing objections, but it’s sometimes easier said than done; being proactive requires anticipating potential negative reactions while maintaining a positive mental attitude. In this session, you’ll discover a proven, powerful methodology that ensures successful progress through the sales cycle, and leave armed with results-oriented concepts including:
  • Knowing the true “no”
  • Categorizing objections
  • Overcoming opposition with benefits.
About Diane Ciotta