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Advanced Sales Success   Sponsor – Fields Manufacturing Inc., asi/54100
10:00 a.m.-
10:50 a.m.
  Capitalize on Collaboration: Understanding Your Clients’ Needs
Too often, salespeople approach prospects as if they were in a competition, resulting in an attitude of conquering instead of consulting. The sales process works best as a mutually beneficial collaboration, which can only be achieved by first identifying prospects’ needs, then highlighting the benefits of appropriate products and services to meet those needs. The result is long-term client relationships, upsell opportunities and recommendations. In this session, you’ll discover proven, integrity-based techniques including:
  • Having a focus on initiating new business
  • Mastering the “Questioning Quadrant.”
About Diane Ciotta

11:00 a.m.-
11:50 a.m.
  Five Secrets to Creating Million-Dollar Success
One of the best things about the ad specialty industry is that it offers smart salespeople the potential for unlimited success. In this can’t-miss session taught by Proforma founder Greg Muzzillo, you’ll discover the five top strategies that can help you achieve your biggest profit ever in 2019. You’ll leave knowing:
  • The proven steps Muzzillo used to build a $500 million company
  • How you can achieve $1 million in sales starting this year
  • Ways to identify and eliminate the common barriers to success.
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12:50 p.m.
  Selling to Women: Gain Insight Into These Influencers
Women spend $7 trillion annually and make 40% of business buying decisions. Yet 91% of women say advertisers don’t understand them, and 75% of women say they’ve been ignored, patronized or offended by salespeople. If you don’t understand the intricacies of selling to women, you’re losing countless sales and opportunities. In this vital session, you’ll discover the distinct wants, needs and concerns that must be satisfied in order to make the sale, and leave understanding:
  • How women’s priorities differ from men’s
  • The top things that offend women buyers
  • Why the product isn’t as important as you think it is
  • How women decide what to buy and who to buy it from
  • Why trying to target women may actually cost you sales
  • How to convert your female customers into evangelists.
About Carolyn Strauss

2:10 p.m.-
3:00 p.m.
  Tailor Your Pitch: Sales Tactics to Persuade Each Gender
It’s no secret that men and women process information differently, and can respond very differently to the same sales pitch. By understanding the five key gender differences, you’ll also understand how to use them to be more successful in achieving your objectives and balance in your client relationships. When you leave this session, you’ll know how to:
  • Generate your desired emotional response from both men and women
  • Capture your listener’s attention
  • Inspire people to want to take action after meeting with you.
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3:10 p.m.-
5:00 p.m.
  Wake Up! Reenergize Your Sales Approach & Yourself
Even the most seasoned, high-energy sales professionals can get stuck in a rut from time to time. In this interactive session, you’ll discover ways to invigorate yourself and get back on the track to success, including:
  • How calling a friendly client can put you in a positive mood – and a positive direction
  • Why activity breeds activity
  • The trick to finding something special in a given day to keep you moving forward
  • How mixing up your routine can give you a fresh outlook
  • Proven techniques to maintain your discipline
  • Using exercise to boost your brain
  • Getting back to the basics that got you where you are today.
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